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There are countless reasons why we have to keep Donald Trump from being elected president. To beat such a terrifying candidate, we must each personally engage and share the reasons why we are voting against Trump with everyone we know.

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  • Trump cares more about the oil and gas industry than the planet.
  • Trump wants to take away women's rights.
  • Trump supports and promotes torture.
  • Trump is racist.
  • Trump endangers the lives of immigrants and Muslims.
  • Trump is on a quixotic and racist quest to build a wall at US-Mexico border.
  • Trump would destroy the economy.
  • Trump is a small, insecure money grubber.
  • Trump doesn’t care who gets hurt, so long as he makes a profit off it.
  • Trump is ignorant and uninterested in current events and world history.
  • Trump lacks the judgment to lead the country.
  • Trump loves the NRA.
  • Trump is a liar.
  • Trump is reckless.
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